The City That Never Sleeps
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posted : 20110418
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Somehow, I do not want to live at home anymore

posted : 20110402
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I seldom come around here anymore.
No on else does, everyone else is busy at school or away in tumblr

Stress Level, Yellow Zone

posted : 20110116
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Sec 3 is about...

Life, Friends and Prioritising

posted : 20101031
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If you would get me these:

:D then I would be a happy kid (who may end up with diabetes)

posted : 20100921
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We will definitely survive this EOY, I'm positive!

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The school canteen has the obligation to provide the school population with good food, don't they?

Correct me if I'm wrong

posted : 20100917
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Thanks for today, I really appreciated it and it lightened up my day